Hurricane Andrew

QuickTime Animation by Nathan Gasser (
Shortened and converted to MPEG for this server.

The animation contained in this archive is a loop of infrared satellite images showing the path of Hurricane Andrew from Sunday, August 23 through Thursday, August 27, 1992.

The images were downloaded from the Internet site "" which posts hourly infrared and visible satellite gif images. The gifs were converted to PICTs, then NIH Image 1.44 was used to touch up a few missed scan lines in several images, and compile the images into several PICS animation files. The utility "PICS-to-Movie" was used to turn these PICS files into QuickTime movies, which were combined with the Simple Player. The movie is 16 seconds long, just over a megabyte, and was compressed with the Graphics compressor.

This movie may be freely distributed. If you like it, drop me a line. If you use it in a class or other research or educational setting, I'd really appreciate a postcard from your university.

P.S. Thanks to the folks at the U of I for making these images available, and thanks to Paul at Iowa State for supplying some early images I missed!

Dedicated to those whose lives were affected by Hurricane Andrew.

Program Manager: Fritz Hasler (
Author: Nathan Gasser (
Curator: Jeff de La Beaujardière (
Last modified: Mon Nov 21 16:55:51 1994