1994 Election Maps

The following links connect with maps constructed utilizing data from the 1994 election returns for the Omaha Area.


 General Information Maps  Party Maps  Democratic Candidates Republican Candidates Comparisons 
 1  1994 Ward & Precinct Boundaries Majority of registered voter's party affiliation   Democratic Candidate Comparison  Christensen Supporters  Stoney vs Hoagland
 2  Registered Voters by Ward  Majority of those voting party affiliation  Kerry Supporters      Kerry vs Christensen Differential
 3    Registered Voters By Precinct  Party affiliation comparison map  Hoagland Supporters   1996 Predictions
 4  Total Voter Turnout by Ward  Strong Democratic Support   Republican Candidate Comparison   1996 Senate Prediction 
 5   Total Turnout by Precinct Strong Republican Support    Stoney Supporters 1996 House Prediction
 6 Voter Turnout % by Precinct
 7   Voter Turnout % by Ward

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