Urban geology database for the Omaha area - mass wasting and accelerated erosion sites.

Site Datasheet

Ralston Quadrangle: Site 4


1. Location: F st near 72 behind Nashfinch Co.

N 41º 13.005" W 96º 01.647"

2. Date of inspection: July 5, 1997

3. Dimensions of site/feature: 100s of square meters, untreated gully 2 m x 5 m

4. Type of site: train tracks along slope

5. Type of wasting: gully erosion

6. Type of geologic material: loess/fill

7. Vegetation at site: grass

8. Age/activity of site: Present and active

9. Other including potential damage, intervention, etc: Some gullies have been filled with large blocks of rock to prevent further development. Potential damage to railroad tracks where gullies are left untreated (see bottom photograph below).

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