Links to web sites regarding Omaha area geology or physical environment.

University of Nebraska at Omaha, Department of Geography and Geology homepage: This site describes the faculty, degree programs, courses, and research being conducted by this department.

University of Nebraska at Omaha Environmental Studies Program: This site describes the four track option (life science, earth science, analytic, planning) option of the environmental studies degree program.

Conservation and Survey Division, State of Nebraska, homepage: This is the homepage of the Conservation and Survey Division of Nerbaska, and offers information on 4 program areas - geology, water, soils, and GIS. This site has links to a number of other Nebraska geology sites.

USGS activity in Nebraska: This document lists and briefly describes USGS activity in Nebraska including a section on geology in urban areas, earthquake hazards in southern Nebraska, and much more. Contact information is given at the end.

Mid-continent rift in Iowa: This describes geophysical and drill hole data on the subsurface Keweenawan rift that passes through Iowa and into SE Nebraska, where one of its expressions is the Humboldt fault zone. The boundary of the rift passes somewhere just S of Omaha.

Loess fractures in Omaha: This describes an ongoing research project looking at the orientation of fractures in the loess of the Omaha area. Preferred directions exist and may be related to the topography and the present day stress field.

Aerial photos of Omaha: This is a private collection of oblique and color air photo images of Omaha, complete with additional maps.

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