ICA Commission on Maps and the Internet - Annual Meeting 2002 in Karlsruhe (Germany)



Day 1: 24.September 2002            
09:00-12:00   Registration            
09.30-10.00   Welcome and Opening            
09.30   Michael P. Peterson (UN Omaha, USA): Chair of the ICA Commission            
09.40   Georg Gartner (TU Wien, Austria): Co-Chair of the ICA Commission            
09.50   Christian Herrmann (FH Karlsruhe, Germany): Host and Organizer of the Web.Mapping-Symposium        
10.00-12.00   Session 1: Theory and Research in Maps and the Internet (Chair: Michael P. Peterson, UN Omaha, USA)      
10:00   Michael P. Peterson (UN Omaha, USA) Theory and Development of Research in Maps and the Internet  
10:30   Corné van Elzakker (ITC Enschede, Nederlands) Dissemination of Census and other statistical data through Web maps
11:00   Lars Brodersen & Marlene Meyer (Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen, Denmark) Modelling Internet-Maps - Method, Production and Assessment  
11:30   David Fairbairn et.al. (Univ. Newcastle, UK) Using the Internet to deliver customisable map-based educational experiences
12:00 Lunch Break            
13:30-15:00   Session 2: Multimedia, Maps and the Internet (Chair: William Cartwright, RMIT, Australia)          
13:30   William Cartwright (RMIT, Australia) Online Multimedia Cartography      
14:00   Rex Cammack (SW Missouri State Univ., USA) Cartography, Virtual Reality, and the Internet    
14:30   Peter Freckmann (FH Karlsruhe, Germany) Geo-Marketing and Internet Mapping - Requirements and Map Solutions
15:00 Coffee Break            
15:30-17:10   Session 3: Web Atlas (Chair: Corné van Elzakker, ITC Enschede, Nederlands)          
15:30   Mathias Cramér (Sveriges Nationalatlas, Sweden) Swedish webatlas goes interactive      
15:55   Majella Gauthier et. al. (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi) Making Maps is useful but sometimes dangerous: atlas electronique du Saguenay-lac-saint-jean
16:20   Iulian Nichersu & Detlef Günther-Diringer (WWF-Auen-Institut, Germany) Web Integrated Cartographic Sytem for ecological Network of lower danube green corridor
16:45   Olaf Schnabel (TU Dresden, Germany) Conception for an online - National Atlas of Germany    
optional:   Night trip to french wine restaurant            
Day 2: 25. September 2002            
09:00-10:15   Session 4: Meta Data, Techniques and Applications - Part I (Chair: Gennady Andrienko (Fraunhofer Institute, Germany))    
9:00   Gennady Andrienko (Fraunhofer Institute, Germany) New developments in CommonGIS - Intelligent Visual Data Exploration System
9:25   Jandirk Bulens et.al. (Wageningen, Nederlands) User-specific Spatial Soil Quality Meta-information Mapped on the Internet.
9:50   Andreas Neumann (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) Interactive Topographic Webmaps using SVG    
10:15 Coffee Break            
10:45-12:00   Session 5: Meta Data, Techniques and Applications - Part II (Chair: David Medyckyj-Scott, Univ. Edinburgh, Scotland)    
10:45   David Medyckyj-Scott (Univ. Edinburgh, Scotland) EDINA Digimap: A virtual map library for the UK tertiary education community
11:10   Holger Scharlach (RIVM, Nederlands) & Jean-Claude Müller (Ruhr-Univ. Bochum, Germany) Hearing Spatial Information - Audiovisual Maps on the Internet  
11:35   Sverre Iversen (Geological Survey of Norway, Norway) Web Standards fulfil a Norwegian distributed 'wine bar' - for free?  
12:00 Lunch Break            
13:30-15:35   Session 6: Mobile Internet (Chair: Georg Gartner, TU Wien, Austria)            
13:30   Georg Gartner (TU Wien, Austria) Maps, Multimedia and the Mobile Internet    
13:55   Arend Ligtenberg et. al. (Centre for Geo-Information, Nederlands) Maps without wires        
14:20   Lasse Lehto (Finnish Geodetic Institute, Finland) The GiMoDig Project – Overview and System Architecture  
14:45   Mark Hampe & Monika Sester (Univ. Hannover, Germany) Real-time integration and generalization of spatial data for mobile applications
15:10   Theo Wintges (FH München, Germany) Cartographic Design for PDA      
15:35 Coffee Break            
16:00   Round Table Discussion - Major Themes of Meeting - Peterson, Gartner            
16:45   ICA Commission Meeting: New TERMS OF REFERENCE for COMMISSION            
17:30   End of 2002 Annual Meeting of the ICA Commission on Maps and the Internet