Geology 2007 spring field trip to Alaska

Trip announcements: Our last two pre-trip meetings will be on April 27th and May 4th (during finals week), at 12-noon, in room DSC 280. Cheers!

GEOL 2500 - 1 credit

May 6th through May 17th

Trip itinerary: We will be using rental vehicles to travel up to the Denali, Matanuska Valley and Kenai peninsula. Local weather conditions will determine when we go where.

Geologic themes: Each field trip area can be thought of havings some geologic themes. For Alaska some of the themes are active tectonics, suspect and exotic terranes, glaciers and related geomorphology, arc volcanism, and mineralization. It is these topics we will learn a lot about.

Audience: These field trips are for a wide audience, from those who have an interest in geoscience to majors. We have trip somewhere in the world every spring. The best place to learn about geology is in the field, and this is an opportunity to do so. The trip is full at this time, but there is a waiting list.

Pre-trip meetings: Since this field trip is more complex logistically (if not geologically) we will have 5 pre-trip meetings. The first one is on January 12th, Friday, at noon in DSC Room 280. Others will be arranged at that meeting.

Grading: The grade will be based on a field notebook kept during the trip, on participation during the field trip, and on a 15 minute oral presentation each student gives to the rest of the field trip participants during the trip. You need to sign up for a presentation topic with Harmon or Bob. Here is a link to some thoughts about taking notes in the field.

Accomodations: We will be camping (well at least most of us). It will be cold (average lows in the thirties and average highs in the 50s), but this is the driest month of the year, and the mosquitoes won't be out yet. There should be about 16 hours of daylight. We will look into renting cabins when it can be done cost effectively. As you are challenged by the elements, remember, the geology is spectacular!

Finances: For those of you who put down a deposit of $40 (those of you flying with the group and not making your own arrangments), the balance for air fare ($477.30) will be due on March 15th (a Thursday). As mentioned in the earlier flyer, participants will also need to contribute to vehicle rental. More details on that soon.

Flight itinerary.

Thoughts on what gear to bring.

Preparation material.

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Harmon Maher (402 554 4807).

Upper Matanuska Valley and Chugach mountains to the south.