Gear for the Alaska trip.

If your purpose on this trip is to suffer and be uncomfortable then pay no attention to what follows, and please don't come on the trip.

Conditions for your consideration: The average highs in May in the area are in the 50s and the lows in the 30s (Farenheit). Averages being what they are, this means we could see a blizzard. Fairly strong winds are to be expected. This is the dryest time of the year in Alaska, but Alaska is a wet place. Wind chill and hypothermia are considerations. Some of the terrain we will traverse will be quite rough.

Necessary gear for every individual (remember - this all has to fit in the boat):

Tents: The most critical thing is that these be compact, lightweight, and able to stand up to a strong wind. You might want to also remember you are putting these up and taking them down everyday. We will cram as many people in each tent as possible.

Side-zipper duffle bags are easier to transport, stow, and get things in and out of, and are recommended.

Other group gear: GPS units, maps, light weight tarps, group first aid kit, group radios, cooking gear, readings.