Preparation material for Nebraska to Alaska Field Trip

2/2/07 More info will be added as we near our departure date.

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Suspect and exotic terrane theme

Plate tectonics is a set of ideas that have enjoyed enormous success, and the foundation of that set of ideas can be thought of as a paradigm. That paradigm has expanded to include what might be considered paradigms within the larger paradigm of plate tectonics. The ideas of terrane accretion, that parts of continents are assembled from a mosaic of pieces brought to the continental margin by subduction, but plastered on to the continent instead of recycled into the crust, can be thought of as such a smaller scale paradigm. If there is any place on earth that gave birth to this concept of assembly by terrane accretion it is Alaska.

Key terms: there is a jargon that has developed around this paradigm.

Types of terranes:

Some 'light' reading on Alaska (Alaska is full of stories)

This is just a start - the literature is rich!

Some links of possible interest.

If you find other links of geologic interest for Alaska let me know.