Possible Organization for Final Report on the Boyd County Low Level RadioactiveWaste Site Case History in Nebraska

Documents here are presently in a very rough draft form and are not for attribution.They will be undergoing substantial revision.

Introduction: Harmon D. Maher Jr.

1) What is Low Level Radioactive waste (LLRW)? Alicia Kafka

2) What are the health risks associated with exposure to LLRW? Phil Schiele

3) Federal legislation and the disposal of LLRW, and formation of the central compact. Robert Shuster

4) The role of Bechtel and U.S. Ecology: Erica Fish

5) State rules and regulations regarding disposal of LLRW. Harmon D. Maher Jr.

6)Why above ground vaults? Gil Larson.

7) Site selection criteria?

8) Wetlands at the Boyd County site. Sonja Jungjohann.

9) Geohydrology and contaimnant paths of the Boyd Country site. Renee Dervin

10) Bad faith issues in the lawsuit ruled on by Judge Kopf (Compact vs. State of Nebraska)? Amanda Beerman

11) A larger context, what are the other compacts doing? Katie Conlon

12) Evaluation of the process.

Diagram of the process as it unfolded.

Diagram of alternate process. Sonja Jungjohann

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