Spring 2005 Seminar: Boyd County, Nebraska, a geopolitical controversy concerning radioactive waste disposal.

13461 GEOL-2500-005 SP TPS: Radioactive Waste Disposal in Nebraska
Tuesday night from 7 to 7:50 PM, room 110
Instructors: Drs. Robert Shuster and Harmon Maher
Why is disposal of radioactive waste such a 'hot' topic?
What is low-level radioactive waste?
How and why was Boyd County, Nebraska chosen as a low-level radioactive waste repository?
Why and how did this lead to Nebraska taxpayers being responsible for a $150 million court settlement?
What is going to be done with this waste?

In this seminar we will explore answers to these questions and investigate the underlying science related to this very interesting case history. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact the instructors at robert_shuster@mail.unomaha.edu, harmon_maher@ mail.unomaha.edu.


Week 1.

Questions generated during the first week.

Week 2.


Science in the court.

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Process diagrams.