Questions about the Boyd County case history (* taken):

1) Why was this specific site chosen over other possible sites in the county?

2) Why was this general site chosen (Boyd County).

3) Why was the above ground vault design chosen? *Gilbert Larson.

4) What were various points of view regarding science in the lawsuit?

5) What are different definitions of wetlands (different definitions), and what role did this play in the legal arena? Sonja*

6) What is the status of work on other compacts?

7) What are specific potential contaminant movement paths?

8) What ws the role of Bechtel in the process? How were they chosen? Were other companies considered? Erica Fish*

9) Where does the money for the lawsuit go?

10) What does the EIS say about the site?

11) How were the compacts chosen?

12) What is the surface and subsurface hydrologyof the area? Renee*

13) Over what time period was the site going to operate, and expected to stay integral?

14) What are risks (e.g. health hazards) associated with LLRW? Phil*

15) What exactly is LLRW? Alicia Kafka.

16) What is the natural hazard risk of the area (e.g. earthquakes)?