Week 2:

Some places to potentially find information:

We can use the discussion part of Blackboard to post references and information sources on for the class as a whole.

I've added a bunch more relevant web sites to the list started during week 1.

Some background lecture on the geology of the area.

Mesozoic stratigraphy:

Geologic strip map for the Butte area and part of Boyd County.

Example of Pierre Shale near Niobrara State Park.

Slump within Niobrara shale slope along the Missouri River, in Niobrara State Park.

Outcrops of Niobrara Chalk beneath the Pierre shale.

Map of Cretaceous Interior Seaway.

DEM of topography between Niobrara River Valley, Ponca Creek, and Missouri River.

USGS airphot of area around Butte showing nature of surface topography and wetlands.

You might start to think about what form the classes final report might take.