Evaluating the volcanic hazards associated with Mount Hood

In class each group will be given some collection of the information sources provided below. Each group should first look over and discuss the information given and its potential significance in the context of hazard and risk using the material covered in class and in website material. You should first focus on understaying the "lay of the land" - the basic traits of the physical and human landscape. Then consider what can happen during after euptions. Bonus points will go to the group who does the best job.

Photograph of Mount Hood from USGS site: http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/mount_hood/mount_hood_geo_hist_93.html.

Report content:

Remember to make sure all the participants in the group's discussion are listed as coauthors on the report. If someone didn't contribute anything they should not be listed.

Do not hesitate to ask questions during the exercise.

Information sources:

View looking E at summit of Mt. Hood.