Geothermal and other non-traditional energy sources


Heat capacity of rocks.

Geothermal gradients:

A suite of geothermal maps -

Types of Geothermal:

Northern California geothermal power plant at The Geysers. Image source:

What is controlling the pattern here? Source:

Video of hot well out of control in Yellowstone:

USGS Fact Sheet on U.S. geothermal power:


Traditional approach. Remember previous discussion on effects of dams on river systems.

Glen Canyon Dam - Image source:

Diagram of typical arrangement for hydroelectric power. Image source:

Tidal and wave energy

Large sand waves (mega-ripples) caused by tidal currents in and out of San Francisco Bay. Image source:

Biofuels: There is a geologic element here in that soil and water are involved in the production of many biofuels.

Other energy sources we won't discuss in detail in this particular class, but can be quite important

The significance of energy storage:

A significant array of energy possibilities in the future, but many have specific site requirements.