Survey of student background for GEOL 2300:

The purpose of this survey is to gain some information about the mathematical and computer skills and personal resources you bring to the course.

On a separate sheet of paper please respond to the following questions. Inclusion of your name is optional.

1) Do you own or have access to a PC at home?

2) Please list the following programs you have any familiarity with. Circle those you have loaded on your home PC.

3) List any computer courses or training you have had.

4) List the college level math courses you have had (it is OK if you have had none).

5) What is your comfort level with math on a scale of 10 from 0 (I run screaming from the room) to 10 (I eat this stuff up for breakfast).

6) List the earth science courses you have had.

7) Describe any other information about your skills or resources that you feel might be pertinent.

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