GEOL 2300 Course Evaluation: In addition to the standard evaluation I would like you to fill out the following evaluation. Your comments are appreciated and this feedback will be used to hopefully improve the course.

1) Do you think the computer and analytic skills you learned in this course will be useful for your future career development:

a) totally useless, b) a bit useful, c) somewhat useful, d) fairly useful, e) crucial f) who knows?

2) Did you learn some geoscience content that you will find useful in your future career development.

a) nada, b) some, c) a fair bit, d) a lot, e) my brain is full, f) geoscience, we don't need no stinkin geoscience.

3) Were the resources provided for the course overall adequate?

a) resources, what resources? b) some major deficiencies, c) OK, d) mostly, e) totally, f) no opinion.

4) Were the course expectations reasonable?

a) totally not so, b) somewhat not so, c) acceptable, d) reasonable, e) a definite cake course, f) who cares?

5) Was the web page a useful resource and format?

a) useless, b) could be useful, c) somewhat useful, d) fairly useful, e) very useful, f) web page, what web page?

For each week please make specific comments and suggestions: How could it be improved? What did and didn't work? What was clear and what was confusing.

Week 1: Introduction to course:


Week 2: Identifying , describing and comparing populations:


Week 3: Classical linear and curvilinear regression:


Week 4: Analysis of fractal geometries in the geosciences:


Week 5: Surface analysis and modeling:


Week 6: Map and cross section construction:


Week 7: Geoscience databases:


Week 8: Analysis of imagery:


Week 9: Complex systems, multiple data sets and Geographic Information Science:


Week 10: Modeling with exponential and power law functions (see Vacher 2000):


Week 11 : Computer modeling of earth processes 1: Visual Basic for Applications in Excel.


Week 12: Computer modeling of earth processes 2: Visual Basic object oriented programming.


Week 13: Temporal spectral analysis:


Week 14: Classification of data using fuzzy logic:


Week 15: Wrap up.


Finally, are there any topics you think that should be included in the course but are presently absent.



Thank you!