In class assignment - development of a proposal for a geoscience computer facility.

One important skill in geoscience is that of assembling proposals. These can be academic grant proposals, industry contract proposals, geopolitical policy proposals, or other types of proposals. Proposals are a form of persuasion. You are trying to persuade someone or some group to do as you propose. The ethics of our discipline are that these proposal should be evaluated and constructed primarily on the basis of its scientific merit. Economic factors also figure into the equation, especially in a competitive environment. Potential outcomes also pass through a broader, societal ethical filter. This latter is often much more apparent in medical sciences. Track record of the people making the proposal is also a factor in the evaluation process. The proposal generation/evaluation process is a complex, very human enterprise. However, at its core must be scientific merit! Primary questions during the evaluation process include some of the following. Does the proposal aim to do novel and interesting work? Do the people proposing have a state of the art understanding? Will their methodology answer the questions they are tryng to answer, or accomplish what they indicate it will? Do they have the resources to carry out the proposed work?

During the course you have become somewhat familiar with your local computer and software resources. For this assignment you are to develop a proposal for a state-of-the-art geoscience computer facility for analyzing the groundwater resources for a state. There are 6 geologists who will use this facility, and they serve the state's populace. Components of your proposal should include:

Spend a half an hour generating your proposal in outline form. We will then present our proposals for informal feedback.