Structural Geology Lab Syllabus 2017 - GEOL 3310

Thursday 2:30-4:30, DSC 280

Instructor: Harmon D. Maher Jr.

Goals: The goal of this lab is to teach participants basic geologic skills of visualizing/thinking in 3-D, of map and cross section interpretation and construction, and of structural analysis. Specific goals for each of the 10 labs are listed below.

This is a work in progress, and I reserve the right to change some of these labs substantially.

Lab mechanics: Remember that these labs build on each other. You will need the skills you learn in the earlier labs to complete later labs. Therefore, make sure you understand the material of earlier labs.You will need a good scale (ruler with cm and inches), colored pencils, and a calculator, and will use trig functions extensively! Some labs will require write-ups. Since writing skills are necessary for effective communication they are an important component of your work. I reserve the right to change the order of the labs, or modify content of individual labs in order to respond to class needs. Unless otherwise noted the labs will be due a week after they are handed out. Late labs will be accepted if I haven't graded the assignment yet. Otherwise they will be accepted, but the highest grade possible is the equivalent of a low C (i.e. just passing). No labs will be accepted however, after the last day of lecture.

Grading scale: 230 points are possible. >190 = A+, 190 to >180 = A, 180 to >170 =A-, 170 to < 160 = B+, 160 to < 150 = B, 150 to > 140 = B-, 140 to < 130 = C+, 130 to < 120 = C, 120 to > 110 = C-, any lower you don't want to be, but you can continue the pattern.

Field Trip: A weekend field exercise is required for the course, and is the focus of the last and biggest lab. The date and locality is TBA, soon.

Contact info:, 402 554 2662.

Lab 1: Reading geologic maps (20 pts.):

Lab 2: Structure contour construction (20 pts.):

Lab 3: Image interpretation and map construction (20 pts.):

Lab 4: Constructing cross sections (20 pts.):

Lab 5: Structural Analysis (2 weeks, Arbuckles) (30 pts.):

Lab 6: Shear strength analysis lab (20 pts.).

Lab 7: Strain measurement lab (10 pts.).

Lab 8 : Description of structures in hand specimens (20 pts.):

Lab 9: Exploring the Toadstool Geologic Park GIS database (10 pts.)

Lab 10: Mapping project (60 pts.):

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