Fracture 'Cleavage' - Oslo, Norway

This is a subhorizontal pavement outcrop from the island of Hoved√łya in Oslo Harbor, where Ordovician limestones and marls are intruded by mafic Permian dikes. Note the coin for scale. There is a lot to see in this image. You should note and trace/sketch the following: 1) steeply dipping bedding, 2) the dike tips that can be seen here (look carefully to see them all), 3) the intense set of fractures (fracture cleavage), some with and some without offsets, 4) the thin calcite veins that ornaments some of those fractures, and 5) the calcite veins that are sub-horizontal to bedding.

Questions that may arise are as follows. Why do some of the fracture planes appear to have offset along them and others do not? Is the pattern of apparent of offset on the fracture planes consistent? What is the relationship between the dikes and the "fracture cleavage"? What is the relative history of development of these various features?

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