Training the eye - recognizing geologic structures

The best place to learn to recognize structural features is in the field, but in lieu of that we can use photographs. Each of the links below is to a photograph. You will be given information as to the geologic setting, and, at first, what structural features to look for in the photograph. You can do this in your mind, but optimally you can either: make a quick hand sketch with the various features labeled, or print the page and trace and label the various features, or you can copy and paste the image in Powerpoint and uset the various tools to trace and label and make your interpretation. When doing so trace and label only some examples of a particular feature. Arguably the most useful of these options for learning purposes is the labeled quick hand sketch. Such sketches are a standard part of field notes. Photointerpretations are also commonly used for documentation purposes in structural geology. Only after you have made your photosketch interpretation click the link below to an interpreted version (mine) so that you can compare. As you work your way down the list less and less information will be given as to what features you might see. Some are quite easy and should only take a minute or two to go through. Others are more complicated and will take longer. You can keep track of how many features you spot.

Images with which to train:

  1. Baraboo sedimentary structures.
  2. Yosemite xenoliths.
  3. Alaska Soft Sediment Fold.
  4. Oslo dike tips.
  5. Big Badlands fault.
  6. Kaibab faults.
  7. Oslo fault striae.
  8. Alaska fault slickensides.
  9. Alaska fault striae.
  10. Big Bend Breccia.
  11. Fault at Tent Rocks, New Mexico.
  12. Arkansas joints in turbidites.
  13. Acadia joints in granite.
  14. Oklahoma fold.
  15. Oklahoma unconformity.
  16. Oslo bedding and cleavage.
  17. Oslo fracture cleavage.
  18. Ocoee metaconglomerate, Georgia.
  19. Virginia Piedmont aplite offsets.
  20. Baja folds.
  21. Fransiscan melange fold.
  22. Alaska folds.

Images without accompanying interpretations and with which to practice:

  1. Grand Canyon structure.
  2. Faulting at Slim Buttes, South Dakota.
  3. Baja migmatites.