Spring 2000 Field trip to Ireland

GEOL 2500

last update 3/6/Y2K

Rationale for trip: We take a geology field trip every spring for the simple reason the field is the best place to learn geology. Past field trips have been to Iceland, Lake Superior region, the Grand Canyon area, Wyoming to name a few. We choose Ireland this year because of its geologic richness and diversity, because it is well studied, because the logistics are relatively straightforward, and to imbibe the culture. There are no prerequisites and the field trip typically has students from a range of backgrounds, and we have found this to be very beneficial to the learning process.

Major Geologic features to be seen and possible topics for student reports (they are going fast):

Lecture notes:

Grades and responsibility:

Readings and information sources: Brenda, out kindly and efficient secretary at the front desk has copies of Gabrielle's paper on the Geology of Ireland for every one. She also has one copy of the more detailed reading that you can take out overnight. I also have a lengthy printout of recent journal publications dealing with the geology of Ireland that people are free to peruse at request.

Students who have signed up for the requisite credit:

Students who have paid the first $250 installment to the joint account are marked with an asterisk. Others need to get a check to Gabrielle or Janet ASAP. Thanks.


Proposed itinerary (of course this is a plan, and then there will be the unfolding of reality):

Passports: You need one. Apply immediately! The post office at Crossroads is a good place to do it. University Audiovisual can take the photos for a modest fee.

Economics: These are estimates!

Health issues: Each student must have some type of health coverage. Travel policies can be purchased for a reasonable price. Any students with health concerns that require or might require medication or a doctor's visit must inform me.

You may buy your air ticket from anywhere you please. The idea is simply to meet us in Dublin at the airport at the prescribed time. Tru Travel is handling most of the arrangements so there are advantages of going through them. The contact person at Tru Travel, 153 North 72nd street, 558-8715, Michelle.

List of references:

Links to sites on geology of Ireland.

Other links of interest:

Contact information: 554 4807, harmon_maher@unomaha.edu.

Last update 3/1/2000.