Seminar on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn

14635 GEOL 2500-001, DC 110, W 10-10:50

Instructors: Dave Kriegler and Harmon Maher

Course goal: To explore the wealth of knowledge acquired about the moons of Jupiter and Saturn in the last several decades.

Course audience: Anyone with an interest is welcome. While some background in physical science will be helpful, there are no prerequisites for the course.

Time commitment: 2-3 hours a week including the lecture time.

Grades: Your grade will be based on attendance/participation, a paper and presentation, and a final.

Blackboard: We will be using Blackboard primarily, to communicate with you outside of the prescribed meeting time.

Readings will be assigned weekly from a variety of sources.

Map of surface Io, one of Jupiter's most volcanically active moons.

Source: NASA