Planetology of Mars

Geology 2500 W 10:00-1050

Instructors: Dave Kriegler and Harmon Maher

Week 1: Introduction to seminar.

Week 2: Craters on Mars and the age of the crust.

Week 3: Martian geophysics (including atmosphere).

Week 4: Volcanism on Mars.

Week 5: Tectonics on Mars.

Week 6: Mars as a desert.

Week 7: Rivers and oceans on Mars.

Week 8: Canyons on Mars.

Week 9: Glaciers on Mars.

Week 10: Mars Ice Cap.

Week 11: Where is the water?

Week 12: Has there been or is there life on Mars?

Week 13: System behavior on Mars and terraforming.

Week 14: The face on Mars.

Week 15: Presentations and presentations.

Grade based on:

Paper and presentation: Summary of the geology of a selected area on Mars.


Background image: USGS image of Mars.