Nebraska Geology Field Trip

Geology 2500 - Fall 2007

11459 GEOL-2500-001

Instructors: Harmon Maher, George Engelmann, and Robert Shuster

1 credit

Audience: Anyone interested in the geology, landscape and natural history of Nebraska.

Prerequisites: None, other than the interest.


Some of the sites visited: Niobrara State Park, Ashfall Fossil Beds, Norden Dam Site, Smith Falls, Fort Falls, Halsey National Forest, Dismal River, Broken Bow, Scotia Chalk Mine, Harlan Country reservoir, Indian Creek State Park.

Cost: For food on the field trip (other than the tuition that is it!).

Logistics for field trip: University vans will provide transportation and we will be camping.


Please contact Harmon Maher if you have any questions (402 554 4807 or

View of Niobrara chalks, deposited during the time of the dinosaurs, and related to the White Cliffs of Dover in a chilling story of global climate change.