Student responsibilities on Geology of Nebraska field trip:

a) Participants will be required to keep a detailed field notebook. See your handout for some thoughts on taking notes in the field. The notebooks will be collected at the end of the trip. They will be evaluated on the basis of their potential utility as a learning instrument for a peer audience. Content and style are important.

b) Participants will be required to give a report and serve as an expert on a chosen topic. At an appropriate point during the field trip each participant will give a 15 minute presentation on their topic. Most of the report should be on the general geology of the topic, with perhaps passing mention of its specific manifestation in Nebraska. A minimum of a one page summary of the topic should be compiled for the other participants.

c) Intellectual participation of the field trip. This includes asking questions and participating in discussions. This seems to come pretty naturally to most participants.

For those taking this as graduate independent study: You should develop a written research proposal to answer some question developed on the field trip. One simple example of a research question would be how to explore the rates of badlands erosion and development at Toadstool. Your audience is your peers on the field trip. This needs to be typed (it can be submitted as a Word document via email). The maximum length is 10 pages (double spaced). Proposal components should include:

Possible report topics: (These are on a first come-first serve basis).

Sources of information for reports:

For undergraduates your grade is based 60% on your notebook, 30% on your report, and 10% on participation.

For those taking this at the graduate level, your grade is based 40% on your notebook, 20 % on your report, 35% on your research proposal, and 5 % on participation.