Spring 2005 - Rio Grande Geology Field Trip

11423 to 11426 SP TPS: RIO GRANDE RIFT.
Dates of field trip: Monday May 9th - Thursday May 19th.
Audience: These field trips are for a wide audience, from those who have an interest in geoscience to majors. The best place to learn about geology is in the field, and this is an opportunity to do so.
Cost and accomodations: Cost is for one credit tuition, food and sundries (transportation provided). We will be camping.
Grading: the grade will be base on a field notebook kept during the trip, and on a 15 minute oral presentation each student gives to the rest of the field trip participants during the trip.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact: Dr. Engelmann, Dr. Maher or Dr. Shuster: george_engelmann@mail.unomaha.edu, harmon_maher@mail.unomaha.edu, robert_shuster@mail.unomaha.edu
This shaded relief image of New Mexico hints at the great geodiversity that exists here. Can you find the Rio Grande Rift on it? Can you pick out any of the faults?

The grade is based on: 1) a field notebook kept throughout the trip, 2) A 15 minute presentation to the class on a relevant topic of your choice (see below list).

Possible topics for student presentations (these will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis, the ones with asterisks followed by names have been taken):

If you have a topic of your own that you wish to pursue, you must OK it ahead of time with Dr. Shuster or myself (Dr. Maher).

Preliminary Itinerary for the GEOL2500 Rio Grande Rift Field Trip 2005

This may well be changed, possibly en route. Cheers!

For UNO students, information and documents can also be found on Blackboard.