Undergraduate Field Research Opportunity

Investigating vein patterns in the Badlands of South Dakota and Nebraska

All expenses paid, including 3 credits of tuition, transportation, and food and lodging (we will be camping most of the time!)

GEOL 4600 for 3 credits

For whom? If you are interested in learning about geology and like working outdoors then this is an opportunity specifically for you. There are no prerequisites other than the interest in the topic and willingness to participate. This is a National Science Foundation funded program designed to promote science and math careers by supporting students so they can participate in research programs and work closely with faculty.

Investigating what? The earth is all cracked up, cracks everywhere, and all sorts of crack patterns exist. This project will investigate the crack patterns of mineralized veins found in the Badlands of South Dakota and Nebraska, and is particularly well suited to participation by those with no or little background in geology. The landscape you will be working with is also strikingly beautiful. Additionally you would learn some very useful software skills.


Supporting materials:


View of spectacular exposures in the south unit of the Big Badland National Park, one of the areas we will be working in.

View of chalcedony vein (grey 'fin' running horizontally here), one of the features we will be studying.

View of curved but linked chalcedony veins evident once the surface rubble has been cleared away.

If you have questions or wish to participate please contact: Harmon Maher, Dept. of Geography and Geology, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, NE 68182-0199, harmon_maher@mail.unomaha.edu

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