Seminar on Global Climate Change

03535 GEOL 2500 - Global Climate Change - 1 credit

Wednesday 12-12:50 (bring lunch), Instructor: Harmon D. Maher Jr.

Geologic history speaks clearly - global climate has changed in the past. A large diversity of data indicates it is in the process of changing now. Large erratics here in Omaha, Nebraska are just one indication of a very different climate in geologically recent times. Debate as to whether the earth is warming has decreased as supporting data has increased in the past several years. But there is still vigorous debate on the associated causes and effects. The debate is of the magnitude where it effects global politics. This seminar is geared to giving participants a better understanding of the science behind the debate. There are no prerequisites, other than interest.

Topics covered:

There will be no text. Instead readings will be given for each week. A discussion question based on the week's reading will be assigned, and a 250 word response collected each week. Overall time commitment should be roughly 3 hours per week, 1 hour of lecture/discussion and 2 hours reading and writing. The first half of class will be informative lecture, and the second half will be participatory discussion. The grade will be based on:

Model from Mark Chandler for Pliocene (before the last ice age) showing predicted difference from todays mean temperatures.

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