Global climate lecture - Catastrophic changes and extraterrestrial causes.

Is nothing constant, no shelter from the storm of change?

What might cause more gradual changes in climate and what might cause more abrupt changes in climate?

What are fundamental questions with regard to solar variability Foukal focuses upon?

Recognition of chaotic behavior:

Any temporal correlations between sunspots and global climate?

What are long term constraints on major fluctuation of solar output?

What are mechanics of solar sunspot cycles and why might they be instructive as to long term behavior?

EUV cyclcity and potential feedback cycles in our system? E.g. ozone destruction leads to increase of UV at sea level a decrease in phytoplankton activity and a decrease in uptake of CO2.

Comments or thoughts on such a mechanism?

Campbell article:

Discussion questions:

Discussion question for next time: Given that sea level increases are expected, which type of coast lines will be affected more and why?