Global Climate change seminar - consequences of global warming.

When looking at global climate change one of the consequences focused in on is sea level change. This is probably an appropriate focus in part, because human population density is highest along our coasts, which is where the consequences of sea level change will be felt the most. Sea level increase in turn has a myriad of its own consequences.

Causes of global sea level change:

How much has global sea level fluctuated in the past?

Discussion questions:

What are estimates of rates of sea level increase at present, and where do they come from?

Error or range of estimates?

What are estimates of total increase over past 100 years for NW Europe?

Do you expect the rate of sea level increase to be linear with time and why or why not?

What are sources of noise in tidal gauge records when looking for eustatic changes?

What is the mechanism for ongoing increase?

New thoughts, warming -> more snow in south pole region

Where might record of sudden inundations be?


What are other possible consequences of global warming?

Assignment for next time: Type into a web search engine "global warming consequences", and then peruse the results for awhile. You should find a great diversity of material and opinion. Choose one site that in your opinion over dramatizes negative consequences and print off the first page. Find another site in your opinion that under dramatizes the potential negative consequences and print off the first page. Critique them and indicate what leads you to think this consequences have been over or under dramatized, and hand in all three pages.