What are possible consequences of global climate change (part 2)?

Review of examples people in the class found.

Discussion items:

Greening Earth Society.

Interesting to note that we have everything from people who say that global warming is occuring and it is bad, to global warming is occurring and it is good, to global warming isn't occurrng and it good. We don't have group (to my knowledge) that is saying global warming isn't occuring and that is bad!

For next time: Is human activity contributing to global warming and how much?

List of technical references.

Yes it is.

Boston University geographer's use a statistical approach comparing northern and southern hemispheres.

No it isn't.

Ohio researcher

Monte Hieb's take on it with lots of facts and figures.

The above is just a start, I also ask you to persue the web on your own.

Discussion question: Some of the debate about the relative contribution from humans centers on the amount of water vapor and its role as a greenhouse gas. Discuss what controls the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, and how these factors controlling water vapor content may have changed naturally and anthropogenically.