Greenhouse gas reservoirs and fluxes:

What are the major greenhouse gases?

Why the focus on CO2?

What are major reservoirs for CO2?

How much CO2 is in various reservoirs at present?

How can we come up with such numbers, and what is their relative accuracy?

What are flux rates for various greenhouse gases? This is basically your discussion question! Perhaps frame it in terms of percent change per 100 years.

Biologic pumping of CO2 into oceanic waters and the importance of the CCD.

Methane - sources, mainly from anaroebic digestion.

Our inventory of various reservoirs, and fluxes is getting fairly sophisticated.

Discussion question for next time. The temperature record we have is naturally biased. List the biases, and decide which one is most difficult to deal with? How might you test whether your averaging methodology for determing a global temperature is valid?