Harmon D. Maher Jr.

Personal information

Educational Background
Professional experience:

Research activities

Areas of expertise: structure, tectonics, structural diagenesis, fracture pattern characterization, geology of Barents Shelf and Svalbard, Great Plains intraplate tectonism, history and philosophy of geology, geoscience pedagogy, environmental geology.

Ongoing research projects: fracture characerization and stress evolution in Svalbard, Silurian-Devonian core complex in northwest Spitsbergen, structural diagenesis and structural history of Great Plains Cenozoic strata.


Manuscripts in submission, preparation, or revision: Book: Book reviews: Reports: Published abstracts of conference papers presented: Published maps Grants and Awards

Teaching activities

Courses taught:

* New courses developed. Links to course material for most of these.

Senior theses or internships advised at University of Nebraska-Omaha

Ongoing senior theses:

Adminstrative and Service Experience

Chair, Department of Geography and Geology 1997-2001

Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Creative Activity 2007-2010

University committees served on:

Education Member of the Nebraska Board of Geologists since 2012:

Member of external and internal geoscience program review commitees.

Service learning projects with Lady Of Lourdes and Joslyn Art Museum:

Professional Affiliations Geological Society of America, American Geophysical Union, National Association of Geology Teachers, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, Nebraska Geological Society.

Licensed geologist in State of Nebraska since 1999.

Awards and/or honors:

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