Death Valley Geologic Field Trip

01548 - GEOL 2500-001 SPECIAL TOPICS IN GEOG-GEOLOGY - 1 credit

Death Valley, California is famous for being hot, desolate and below sea level. However, during spring break it is typically in the 80s, and, more importantly, it is an exquisite place to see and learn geology. This active rift basin has all the classic components - active fault scarps and fault-block mountains, alluvial fans building out, internal drainage and extensive salt flats, geologically recent volcanism, and modern dune fields. Add to this the mystery of the sliding rocks on the playa 'racetrack', the history of borax mining and mule teams, and much more, and you have a magnificent and instructive geologic playground we will take advantage of. No prerequisites.

We now have 13 participants and can take a maximum of 16.

Itinerary: ( subject to change)

There will be 3 pre-trip meetings to iron out logistics and provide background information.

Cost: students will be responsible for airfare, $271 round trip for those who signed up initially, and for their food. Ground transportation and camping fees will be subsidized by the department. For those who would like to add the trip airfare is now $280.

A down deposit is required by Dec. 7th. Please, make checks payable to Travel and Transport. the rest will be due by Jan. 7th.

Student responsibilities:

Pre-trip lecture notes.

Information links.

If you have any questions contact Harmon Maher at or call at 554 4807.

View from Dante's Peak of salt flats within rift basin that forms Death Valley.