Contents Environmental Geology (GEOL 1010) web site (Spring 2002).


This web site is in a state of perpetual reconstruction. It is intended for use by students in Environmental Geology (GEOL 1010) courses taught by Dr. Harmon D. Maher Jr. at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Others are welcome to peruse and comment.

Course outline: This document describes the course content, grading policy, text readings and instructor contact information.

Write-up assignment: This document describes the writeups required for the course. Examples of write-ups.

Links to relevant information: This documents provides links to other web sites dealing with environmental geology, along with a brief description of the site content.

Lecture outlines:

These are links to outlines for lectures:

Part 1: Introductory material and environmental concerns related to surface geologic processes:

Part 2: Environmental concerns related to earthquakes and volcanism:

Part 3: Environmental concerns related to geologic resources, and soil and groundwater contamination:

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