Environmental Geology - examples of aquifer types.

Below is a simple block diagram of a unconfined aquifer. Note that geometry of the ground water table mimics, but is a subdued form of the topography. For shallow groundwater tables the flow direction can be guesstimated from the surface topography.

Below is a schematic cross section diagram of a variety of unconfined aquifer types in a relatively simple geologic setting. The dashed lines represent groundwater surfaces, below which the geologic medium is saturated. Arrows with open heads show local flow directions. There are possibly six different aquifer bodies depicted here. Try to identify them. Note the position of the surface springs. There is 'communication' between surface and ground waters. Questions from an environmental and use perspective could include: 1)Which aquifers might be most prone to change in response to climatic events (e.g. droughts)? 2) Which aquifer probably has the best quality water? 3) Which aquifer likely has the highest recharge rate?


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