Geology 1010 lecture outline - Energy Resources

Introduction: definition of energy, units, first law of thermodynamics, cost of and economic importance.

Where do we obtain energy from?

What are the relative contributions of different energy sources to the energy 'picture'?

Geology of hydrocarbon formation (3 requirements):links to petroleum industry

Definition of reserves vs. resources, conventional and unconventional.

What are factors determining economics of geologic resource exploitation?

How much oil is left (oil reserves and resources, future projections, and energy policy)?

Cradle to grave approach from an environmental perspective.

What are exploration techniques for hydrocarbons?

Extraction and secondary recovery techniques.

Concerns associated with transportation, refinement?

What are concerns associated with fossil fuel use?

Alternate hydrocarbon energy resources: oil shales, tar sands, methane hydrates.

Biogenic methane.

What will likely replace oil?

Coal as an energy source

Geologic formation factors.

Reserves and resources.

Environmental concerns related to extraction.

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