Extrapolating into the environmental geoscience future.

In this course we have talked and learned about a variety of environmental geology topics. These include water, soil and energy resources, climate and associated changes, the possibility of predicting and preparing for natural hazards, and much more. We have also learned a bit about complex systems, chaos, and why it is hard to predict exactly what is to happen. However, possible types and patterns of behavior can be identified, and there is utility in this prediction endeavor. In this lab you should pick one of the three major topics below and develop a forecast of what might happen in the next 50 years. Using specific facts from what you have learned to help support your 'forecast'.

What do you think will be a future focus of research in environmental geosciences in the next 50 years? Be as specific as possible.

What will be a major change in our legal justice system in the future that will be based on some environmental geoscience issue or concern? Be as specific as possible.

What will be a change in U.S. cultural values in the future that will be in response to environmental geoscience issues?

Chose a spokesperson to present your ideas to the class. Write up a summary of your forecast addressing the above questions. Make sure that all participants sign it. Please hand this in.