Annotated list of links to web sites with information relevant to environmental geolgy.

The following is an annotated partial list of links to sites with information relevant to environmental geology. It is being collated to serve as a portal for environmental geology students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha into the morass that can be the web. This site is very much under construction.

Local sites related to environmental geology:

University of Nebraska at Omaha, Department of Geography and Geology homepage: This site describes the faculty, degree programs, courses, and research being conducted by this department.

University of Nebraska at Omaha Environmental Studies Program: This site describes the four track option (life science, earth science, analytic, planning) option of the environmental studies degree program.

Conservation and Survey Division homepage: This is the homepage of the Conservation and Survey Division of Nerbaska, and offers information on 4 program areas - geology, water, soils, and GIS. This site has links to a number of other Nebraska geology sites.

Sites on general geology:

Exploring Geology on the WWW: This is a site collecting annotated links for the following topics within geology: a) dinosaurs and vertebrate paleontology, b) invertebrate paleontology and evolution, c) seismology and earthquakes, d) geophysics, plate tectonics and structural geology, e) volcanoes and igneous rocks, f) rocks and minerals, and g) glaciers and climate change. More topics will be listed with time. These lists are also published in the Journal of Geologic Education.

Sites on population growth and dynamics:

Union of Concerned Scientists site on population growth: This site has information on many aspects of human population growth and the associated environmental concerns, and has links to other sites with related information.

Sites related to soils and associated environmental concerns:

Soil and Water Conservation Society: This is the home page for a large group dedicated to understanding and preserving soil and water resources. The site has listings of scholarships, jobs, contents of their journal , and links to many other related sites among other items.

Homepage of Dr. Hue: Based in the Department of Agronomy and Soil Science at the University of Hawaii, Dr. Hue has created an informative and well illustrated website that describes some soil properties in general, and the soils of Hawaii in particular. Illustrative photos and maps, and sections on soil testing and acidity, among other things, makes this a good learning site.

Sites related to mass wasting and associated environmental concerns:

Course material on slope and mass wasting processes: This is fairly extensive course material at San Francisco State University. Well illustrated diagrams with some discussion goes into the dynamics (normal and shear stresses, effect of pore water pressure), and the general discussion is followed by illustrated examples of different types of mass wasting. This is an excellent site to start with for basic understanding.

U.S.G.S. general site on mass wasting: A site focusing on mass wasting mainly consisting of links to relevant documents. An update section focuses on recent mass wasting events. Some neat description and photos of the mass wasting triggered by the recent (12/96) storms in the Seattle area. This is also a good place to start.

Course on Applied Physical Geology: This is material for an upper division course in applied physical geology. It contains a section on mass wasting, with illustrations, text and exercises. Other topics include tectonic geomorphology, paleoseismology, stream drainage basin analysis.>U.S.G.S. mass wasting case histories: These are descriptions with photos of some classic case histories in U.S. including Slumgullion feature. Some good 3-d images are included. Links to other U.S.G.S. documents are embedded.

Tully Valley event: This is a detailed online article on the recent Tully Valley landslide in Finger Lakes regions. There is a discussion of the role glacial geology played. Pictures and maps are included.

Consulting firm specializing in mass wasting: This is the Rogers/Pacific firm, consultants in the applied earth sciences. They specialize in evaluating engineering failures associated with ground movement. Personnel, clients, services, facilities and publications are included. There is also a link to a WWW geotechnical engineering library for the adventurous.

Sites related to karst terranes and processes:

SFSU course material on karst: This is a whole bunch of material (text, diagrams and photos) on karst processes. It fairly well detailed, and a good place to start on this topic.

Sites related to flooding:

Natural disasters around the world including flooding: This is series of links to websites elsewhere in the world that describe recent natural disasters. There are many categories, from earthquakes, to volcanism, to hurricanes. On 2/5/97 some 18 links were included for flooding.

Army Corp site on flooding: This is the Kansas City District website for the midwest, and they are partly responsiblefor controlling water levels in dams and for constructing and maintaining flood control structures in the area. There is an abundance of pictures of flooding in the region.

FEMA site on flooding The Federal Emergency Management Agency is in part responsible for responding to natural disasters and this is their flood website. There is a lot of specific information here on recent flooding in the U.S. including disaster maps from 1996, showing counties in 10 states where flooding disasters have been declared so that government relief is available.

Sites related to coastal processes and engineering:

Nick SoutterŐs bibliography on coastal erosion and control structures: This is a nice collection of references (to the hardcopy world) on seawalls, attempts at nourishment, erosion, etc.. Someone has done some of the homework for you if you need references on coastal processes.


USGS site on hurricanes: This is an overview site, with some good general statistics and some good graphics including a map of storm related erosion along the Louisana shoreline.

Smithsonian site on coastal perils: This is part of a larger site dedicated to global perils, which you may also want to check out. Statistics, some images, and references on congested shorelines are included. It is a good general place to start.

Louisana State University Coastal Studies Institute: This site includes the research themes, faculty and staff, awards and key publications, equipment and facilities and project sponsors of this institute, and might be of interest for those who want to see how the academic side operates.

Last addition of site - 2/10/97. If you have a relevant link you would like to add please contact Harmon D. Maher Jr., Department of Geography and Geology, University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE, 68182 ( Thank you.