Environmental Geology lecture outline - Shorelines and related environmental concerns.

A case history: Galveston, Texas, on Sept. 8th 1900 and now.

View of Galveston, with breakwaters, seawall and buildings built on raised plaform.

Factoids on 1900 storm:

  • 20 foot high storm surge covered island.
  • 4' increase in less than a minute in some locales.
  • 6000 fatalities.
  • 3000 homes demolished.
  • built up platform to reconstruct on.
  • 'protected' by a seawall
  • View of Hotel Galvez from breakwater made of granite blocks. The thin beach and the seawall are also evident.

    What are general environmental concerns associated with shorelines?

    What basic forces are involved in shaping shorelines?

    Myriad of shoreline types - will look at three general types.


    Barrier Island complexes and shifting shorelines:

    Rocky shorelines:

    What are engineering responses to shifting shorelines?

    What is an alternate approach to shifting and flooded shorelines?

    Some links to explore more:

    Extensive USGS study of El Niño Coastal Erosion along California.

    State of Texas Coastal Erosion Planning and Response.

    Study on risk analysis and management for coastal erosion and catastrophic storms.

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