Environmental Geology lecture outline - Environmental aspects of volcanism, case histories, and prediction of eruptions.

So what's the concern? What specifically should be included in a hazard map for a volcanic region?

Some instructive case histories:

Figure of Mt. St. Helens looking to the east and taken in 1996. The red arrow shows the northward direction of the lateral blast, while the Tuttle River valley is show with the lahar deposits in the foreground. This is the edge of the blast zone, and dead trees litter the slopes in the lower left corner.


Mt. St. Helens: the classic. May 18th, 1980

Krakatoa: the big one. August 22nd, 1881, dormant for 200 years.

Mount Pelee - Martinique, West Indies, 1902

Nevado del Ruiz, Nov. 13 1985

Pinatubo, Phillipines - the video.

Dante's Peak was a movie!

Prediction of volcanic eruptions:

Possible precursors can monitor:

Can an eruption be controlled or prevented?

In class laboratory. What do you need to include in a grant application to monitor a volcanic construct?

Volcanos on the web. A lot of good case histories here.

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