Example of Environmental Geology Event Report

Title: China Quakes Kill 4, Injures 400

Location of occurrence: The Yao'an county in Yunnan province in China was hit by a 5.9 magnitude quake. Then about 1 1/2 hours later a strong aftershock with a magnitude of 6.5 hit the same area, said the county seismologist.

Time of occurrence: This earthquake was at 7:23 AM Saturday, January 15.

Nature of geological event: This earthquake happened because the Indo-Australian Plate collided with the Eurasian Plate. The Indo-Australian Plate averages 49mm of movement against the Eurasian Plate per year. The Himalayan Mountains are growing because of this movement. The last earthquake of this magnitude in this area was in 1993.

Loss of life/or injuries: Four people were killed, 29 were seriously injured and 371 were slightly hurt said state-run television.

Damage to human infrastructure: The state Seismology Bureau in Beijing said 4,000 buildings were destroyed, state-run television claimed up to 10,000 buildings were seriously damaged. Quakes in this area often have high figures for building damage because older homes outside the city are made of fragile building materials like mud bricks.

Mitigation: Moments after the quake 10 generators were fired up to produce electricity for the people of Yao'an. After the earthquake happened authorities brought in 10 tons of building material and a large amount of food. And the local government also brought in 5,000 rolls of woolen felt for blankets. On average a quake hits this area every 6-10 years. Hence, the relief supplies were brought in so quickly. Little was done to prevent damage because most of the buildings destroyed were made of mud.

Information sources:

Instructors comment: This is a clear and information laden report and a good example. Minor improvements can be made in the writing (run-on sentence, etc.), and a bit more could be done with the mitigation component. In this section you should not only discuss what was done, but what could be done. Note that the student used an additional information source to fill in the initial news report. This is a good thing to do.

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