Environmental Geology Course Outline, Spring 2002

01542 GEOL-1010-003 MWF DSC 285

Instructor information.

Basis for grade.

Make-up policy. If notice is given at least 24 HOURS before the test is administered arrangements for taking the test at a different time can possibly be made at my discretion. If a test is missed without notifying me prior to the test time, then a make-up test can be arranged for some time during finals week. This make-up test will consist of 5-6 essay questions.

Text: Keller, 8th edition, Environmental Geology. If you truly have difficulty affording the text please see me and I'll be happy to loan you one.

Time commitment for this course: A standard formula is that for each credit hour a student should spend 2-3 hours a week on that course (equivalent to 30-45 hours of work for a full time student). For three credits the commitment is then 6-9 hours, translating into at least 3 hours a week outside the lecture. Students who put in this amount of time usually do quite well in the course.

Course readings:

The first third of the course focuses on surface geologic processes and related environmental concerns. In italics are three short in-class labs that will be conducted.

The second part of the course focuses on the surface manifestation of deep- seated geologic processes, specifically focusing on earthquakes and volcanoes.

The third part of the course focuses on geologic resources, associated environmental concerns, and on waste disposal.

Hippocrates - "Be mindful, when visiting a new city, of the air, the soils and the water."

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