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Course Outline

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Introduction: brief course description & discussion of course mechanics; the philosophy of science and 2 revolutions in the development of geology as a science; some common themes in geology.

The stuff the earth is made of - levels of structure and building blocks:

First Exam

Historical Geology - rates of geologic processes and interpreting the record.

Geomorphology - the ever-changing surface of the Earth.

Second Exam

The structure and architecture of the Earth - big to small.

Humanity and geology.

Third and Final Exam - during finals week.

Link to lecture outlines.

Field Trip: Without a doubt the best place to learn geology is out in the field, and so we will take a Saturday morning field trip (usually to a local quarry). Good fossil collecting! This will be worth participation points - details are forthcoming.

UNO students on a 2016 geology field trip to Great Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado.

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