In class-exercise - a look at land use and worth.

First, look over the air photo your group was given and try to identify various types of features and landscape on it. If you are wondering what something is, ask us and we will help.

a) Identify areas by type of land use by outlining them and labeling with the appropriate symbol from the list below. One area can have more than one land use. Think of both the use it is being put to, and the uses it could reasonably be put to.

b) For the areas that have more than one use, which use in your estimation produces the most value? Does that preclude other land uses or not. Identify types of use which are congruent, i.e. one use does not negatively effect the others (i.e. the potential for multi-use). Write down your thoughts.

c) Develop examples of how one type of land use might interact with the land use of an adjacent parcel, and potentially increase or decrease the adjacent lands value? Write down your examples.

Categories of land use to identify on your air photos.

Some links to explore related issues.

AGI's site on Land Use Planning and Your Community.

EPA site of case histories of communities looking at land use and planning from an environmental perspective.

Mankato State's listing of categories.