Volcanic hazards and prediction.

What happens during an volcanic eruption: Types of volcanic eruptions are quite varied, dependent on the type of magma, the gas content, the size of the eruptions, and the involvement of water.

Basic pattern: compositions range from mafic to sialic, with mafic eruptions being less explosive and sialic being more. There are three common plate tectonic settings: a) subduction zones where plates converge and one gets recycled deep down, b) divergent zones where two plates pull apart, and c) hot spots within plates due to a hot spot below that the plate moves relative to.

Types of eruptive products of distinct environmental concern:

Link to lecture notes on volcanic hazards.

We will watch a film on the case history of Mt. Pinatubo. It very nicely illustrates concerns related to explosive volcanic eruptions, how eruptions can be predicted, and some of the approaches in mitigation.

Try to answer the following questions: