High Level Radioactive Wastes and Yucca Mountain.

What is high level radioactive waste?

Who generates the wastes?

Possible solutions?? You might think of advantages and disadvantages of each.

What factors would be desirable in a burial site selection? GIS as a way to handle these complex siting problems.

Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Legislation and Yucca Mountain site:

Geologic setting for the Yucca Mountain Repository:

The effects of a large earthquake, a dike with magma intersecting the repository, and a rise in the groundwater table have all been investigated. Some workers claim an earthquake and/or associated tectonic stresses could cause fractures to close, causing the groundwater table to elevate. Nevada's focus seems to be on transport and the possibility of associated accidents.

Reading: Standoff at Yucca Mountain: High-Level Nuclear Waste in the United States by Allison Macfarlane in The Earth Around Us; AGI. p. 283-299.

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