Reading: From Reservoir to Wetland: the Rise and Fall of an Ohio Dam; Evans & others in The Earth Around Us.

Journal Assignment: At least some of us drive by flood control devices everyday and have little idea we have done so. For this exercise, identify and describe 3 specific flood control devices/sites in the Omaha area, with at least two different types of devices (i.e. two may be the same type, but different examples/sites). Find out what agency or group is responsible for building or managing them. If you can, find out how much they cost.

"What is the need?" or some case histories of flooding.

1965 South Platte, near Denver, Colorado.

1972 Rapid Creek, Rapid City, South Dakota:

Historic Floods on the Missouri River - DNR website.

March, 1993, Platte River Flood - slides.

Many, many more examples. Floods are one of the largest losses for the insurance industry.

Some links to explore more.

What determines how much water a channel can accommodate?

What determines discharge amounts?

Hydrographs - a basic tool for looking at discharge behavior.

Surface water management tools:

For each of these one can ask, in a given situation, how cost effective they are.

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