Peer Evaluation of a Plate Tectonic Presentation

Your evaluation will be shared anonymously with the presenter for her or his benefit. It is useful to provide both positive and negative feedback. Questions that you might address are: a) what worked well, and b) what could be improved.

Author and title of Presentation: ________________________________________________________


  1. _____ very well organized and easy to follow.
  2. _____ well organized but a few points where audience was lost.
  3. _____ some organization evident, but significant reorganization would be useful.
  4. _____ no real organization evident.
  5. Specific comments on organization:

Use of visuals.

Was the material presented accurate (as far as you can tell) ? If not give an example of an inaccuracy.



Was the material: clear - somewhat clear - often confusing (circle the appropriate one)?

Comments on content:

Briefly list the most significant conclusions you carried away with you from the presentation.





How were any questions at the end of the presentation handled?



Name of Evaluator: _______________________