Acknowledgements for past support and collaborations of Svalbard work:

My first four years of field work in Spitsbergen was undertaken while a graduate student at University of Wisconsin working under the direction of Dr. Cam Craddock, to whom I will be forever grateful for introducing me to Svalbard. This work was supported by NSF grants awarded to Dr. Craddock that focused on mapping and understanding the Hecla Hoek basement terrane in Wedel Jarlsberg Land.

Dr. Craddock in front of the 1980/81 University of Wisconsin research complex at Midterhuken, Spitsbergen.

Subsequent work has been funded by a variety of sources including: the Norwegian Polar Institute (Norsk Polarinstitutt), various branches of the Norwegian government, the Petroleum Research Fund, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and Saga Petroleum. The Norsk Polarinstitutt has been extremely instrumental in my work throughout the years and I would like to especially thank them.

I have worked especially closely with Steffen Bergh, Alvar Braathen, and Winfried Dallmann at various times and would especially like to thank them. Other collaborators include Arild Andresen, Geir Elvebakk, John Pray, Teresa Reinig, Alistair Welbon, and Dave Worsley. A great variety of field assistants also contributed in a myriad of ways. What might be of value in this web site is largely due to these people.

Alvar Braathen and Steffen Bergh and eating dinner at 1 AM in Nordenskiold Land.

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